• Inspection Rates

    Full Home Inspections

    All fees are based on Square Footage Under Roof

    Fees maybe adjusted based on the age of the property, location and ancillary services

    Homes with Slab Foundations

    Under 2000 sqft $350.00


    2001sqft - 2500sqft


    2501sqft - 3000sqft$450.00
    3001sqft - 3500sqft$475.00
    3501sqft - 4000sqft$550.00
    4001sqft- 4500sqft$600.00
    4501sqft- 5000sqft$680.00
    Above 5000 sqft Call for Quote
    Ask about our warranty inspections on new construction!!!


    Crawl Space - Elevated Foundations
    Under 2000sqft$400.00
    2001sqft - 2500sqft$450.00
    2501sqft - 3000sqft$475.00
    3001sqft - 3500sqft$550.00
    3501sqft - 4000sqft$600.00
    4001sqft- 4500sqft$725.00


    Under 2000 sqft        $350.00
    2001sqft - 2500sqft$375.00
    2501sqft - 3000sqft$400.00
    3001sqft - 3500sqft$450.00
    3501sqft - 4000sqft$500.00


    Elevated Strcutures
    Under 2000 sqft$425.00
    2001sqft - 2500sqft$475.00
    2501sqft - 3000sqft$525.00
    3001sqft - 3500sqft$600.00
    3501sqft - 4000sqft$660.00
    Elevated Structures over 4000sqftCall for Quote


    Up to 2000sqft$260.00
    2001sqft-2500sqft/3bed-3 bath$315.00
    2501sqft - 3000sqft$365.00
    Over 3000sqft$420.00


    Manufactured homes
    Single/Double Wide$390.00
    Triple Wide$470.00


    Duplexes and Multi-Family

    Please call Adam Janis for quote 843-602-9279


    Building Analysis & Energy Audits
    Please call Adam Janis for quote 843-602-9279